Dominick Cruz ruined the UFC Noche broadcast: Josh Thomson

I don’t like Cruz as a person or a fighter

I use to hate his commentary because I hated his personality etc.

That aside, Yes , he’s super salty but I now have no problem with him.
I’d rather hear him, felder, Goodman over DC,Anik,Sanko ((Sanko, I have no real prob with, keep her in the apex shows for now )

I mean its a WMMA match on a free fight card, professionalism is not exactly a priority here.

I’m talking about his post Strikeforce run

Don’t assume things because i didn’t word things correctly on first attempt.

I’ve been a fan of this sport as long as anyone on this forum

When i said he was a top lightweight of his era, I was including his UFC fights on his first ufc run. Yves Edwards was his nemesis back then

sure bro '21 join date gtfo of here !


OMG I fucking died



he says what everybody is thinking. There was absolutely no 10-8 round in that fight and judges are on crack


Join date for a forum account doesn’t mean that it’s the date they became a mma fan.

You are obsessed with this forum

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One of the top guys at 155 for a long time and one of the most exciting guys to watch. Put on a ton of great fights. Big fan

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Well for sure.

I sponsored it with ads for a decade a decade before you joined here in 21.

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So did I
Got locked out of old accounts over the years
I’m no stranger to the UG or Sherdog forums

Though I no longer keep an account on Sherdog

I bailed after Jeff Sherwood left

I am sure thats why I said jk.

I was just kidding with ya.

ive fallen off alot theirs guys with 10 years more up to date on all the orgs and the fighters today than I am.

Pena looks like josh thomson with long hair and lipstick.

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I have no problem with Cruz; If Josh is better then maybe he should apply.

Cruz calling out the 10-8 round was right. It was bullshit.

josh thomson mma GIF by Bellator

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@Calfkicker , chill out brother, I was just busting Ur balls

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God nate has a hard head. I know he went down from this but how he wasn’t out cold is a mystery. You can see the ripple effect of that kick in his hips as it lands and he took it flush to the dome.



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All time greatest head kick ko

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And now in slo-mo