dominick guinn vs. monte barrett

anyone know if this is gonna happen? i believe it's scheduled for march 27 in arkansas.

Correct, HBO will televise.


Guinn=much better than Mesi.

And he will prove it against Barrett.

again, correct


i think barrett has a very good chancwe of pulling it off, im picking barrett, hes faced better comp

I think there is very little chance Barret is going to win vs Guinn...I'm def not picking him...but if, just if, he does, will the Mesi naysayers say that Mesi is better than Guinn....

HAHAHAHAHAHA.....yeah'll never here that...

I don't think Mesi is better than Guinn though.....

Was just sayin...

Monte's not bad. He hung tough vs. Mesi and fought smart, survived to the second half of the fight.

I think Guinn wins handily because:

a) He's a much better athlete and combination puncher than Mesi.

b) better stamina (waaaay better...guinn went 10 tough rounds with Dokiwari). So he's not going to fade late like Mesi, which is EXACTLY how a veteran like Barrett comes on against a young prospect.

c) Just overall tougher. I don't think Barrett has the speed or power to hurt Guinn.

Barrett's a tough guy who's had a tough career, some good fights and probably is a little bit on the downside.