Dominick Reyes vs. Jiri Prochazka

I honestly think Jones had just deteriorated that much. He’s lost to Gus and Reyes for sure, some think he lost to Santos. His legacy benefits from some garbage decisions.

Agreed. He’s fucking good.
It kind of looks like he’s getting hit a lot, but you’re right. He’s slipping and just getting grazed with shots for the most part.
I don’t care that it’s his second fight in the ufc. I’d like to see him get a title shot next.
He’s a problem for anyone.


One of the rare times I disagree with you. I thought he got caught with a few clean ones he just is tough as shit.

Any post fight pics of Reyes’s face??
He was down on his knees for an awful long time. That was brutal! :flushed:

Oh you’re right Floppy he definitely did get hit clean by Reyes a few times. That is just the nature of his style no matter how much he moves. This goes back to my earlier post about the high degree of risk he takes pretty much every second of his fights. If you take that much risk jumping, flying and spinning hands down, eventually guys will land clean on you. I also agree that he does have a great chin but it’s rare he gets hit flush. Eventually that will catch up with him because the way he rushes in, he is going to walk into a nuclear missile.

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it’s like a movie we have all seen before.

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Absolutely. He’s like a mad (insane) ninja. I think he will be fighting the winner of Glover-Jan, which I cannot wait to see.

Exactly. His face was caved in.

Reyes is a warrior.

Would honestly like to see Jiri vs. Rumble.


i was entertained

He’s what Johnnie Walker was supposed to be.


This and Glovers boxing is crisp and underrated. Jiri got away with some bullshit because Reyes throws wild and crazy too.

Insane pressure he wasnt even breathing hard.

Jiri got hit a lot but he wasn’t marked up at all. What is his skin made of? Reyes impressed me in this loss. I knew he was a killer, but a lot of times when the killer is hunted, he wilts. Reyes was trying to win right up to the last second.

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I agree was just about to post the same. Wasnt too big a fan of the guy, thought he looked great vs jones in that 1 fight but other than that, not overly impressed. His heart and toughness impressed me even tho he was clearly outmatched here.

Id favor Jiri vs Jones. MMa math doesnt always work but I mean Reyes gave Jones all he could handle and Jiri smoked him. I no longer think Jones is the best 205er in the world, let alone HW. And we wont even bring up Nemkov over in bellator.

Jiri is a fucking sniper with his hands.

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Nemkov’s 2 looses are to Jiri and Karl Albrektsson—another top guy on the radar that doesn’t get much attention.

Yikes. Th hat dude is scary.

Reyes going for that guillotine when he had him hurt and wobbled was a massive miscalculation. I hate when guys go for that.