domino's pizza 50% off

online ordering. thru the 19th (this sunday)

Gonna try it out today! Phone Post 3.0


I get diarrhea by accident...

Dammit. All these pizza deals are killing me. Calorie kryptonite. Cheating on my winter diet way too often. My weight and waist size are the same, but I just feel soft.

I can go for months without eating it, but once I have it I start craving it regularly. I feel like pizza is to me what sugary treats are for fat women. There's a void in my soul when I don't eat it.


StevetheWeasel - Thanks for the heads-up, man.

Need a code? Phone Post 3.0

This thread is old as hell. Right now, Domino's is running large 3- topping pizzas for $7.99 (carry out only)