Don "Alley Cat" Hinzman info

Don "Alley Cat" Hinzman has trained under "Judo" Gene LeBell. He has fought in 279 No Holds Barred fights, 6 time US Tong Fight Champion all of his fights being brutal. He started fighting at 15 years old being the oldest boy to help support his family, Don has taken on fights at the drop of a hat. Not even going to fight Don went down to Mexico to watch an NHB event, then ended up being asked to fight then going on to win. Still yet people say noone has heard of him, I went to UFC 44 and got to talk with acouple guys who trained with Captin America Randy Colture who in fact had hear of Don and had respect for man. This can go on and on, but here is the thread for anyone to post to. Don told me to mention anyone who wants to challenge him and find out first hand what he is all about can feel free to do so. Even after going through one of the biggest fights in his life Cancer, the man is still willing to take on anyone. That has to earn some respect and if not then who really cares what anyone outside of the camp has to think.

Justin "Evil"
Black Tiger Fighting Rebellion
Hinzman's Mixed Martial Arts
Tucson Arizona

Hollar back.