Don Chaney finally fired

its about time Don Chaney got fired his record as coach of the knicks is 72-112 and during that time he got 3 different coaching extensions!! they replaced him with hall of fame coach lenny wilkens, although i wanted mike fratello to take over i cant complain with getting lenny wilkens although id rather have a more tough, hard nosed coach but what can you do anyone is better than chaney.

Heard they escorted him out with police

Knicks hired Lenny Wilkins. I do not see him fitting in with the players NY has right now.

LOL, when I read it I knew Tommie would be happy, congrats bro and good luck.

I always like the Knicks but I was more of a Ewing and Van Gundy fan. I like Wilkens and Thomas so I hope they get it done, but I still hate Marbury, maybe you guys will trade him and my feelings will change :)