don cherry- what will he do?

a) be contrite

b) act like nothing happened

c) come out swinging

i'm hoping for c

I'm hoping for c aswell. Nothing he said was wrong. Untill Quebec starts treating the rest of Canada with respect, then they will not recieve respect. And untill then, screw Quebec.

He will now have a seven second delay on his show from now on.


what happend?

Don Cherry, the star of Coach's Corner, is in hot water again. The federal language commissioner is looking into comments made by Cherry, where he said most of the high sticking in the NHL is committed by players wearing visors and that most of those wearing visors are "Europeans and French guys."

i think he's toned down.

after the iron curtain fell and the league started receiving a larger amount of europeans, he was just as cheery.


So basically he is in hot water for telling the truth? What a pile of crap.

Most nights cherry is the most entertaining thing on hockey night in canada. Always entertaining.

"he was just as cheery"

i think you meant cherry!


and say it aint so....god forbid anyone speak the truth about what was happening in the nhl...

Cherry is the FUCKING MAN. Case closed.