Don "Dragon" Wilson vs Thai

This is a great fight. I'm on round three now.


Long commentary on the controversy after the fight.

He was a top notch fighter. Under rated boxer as well.

He goes to the IKF World Classic Kickboxing Tournament every year and helps out. He is very cool

Nice, no eff that...GREAT  video,  love watching those old fights. 

Nice. This guy was at a karate tournament I competed in when I was like 12. Phone Post 3.0

I've trained with Don Wilson. He is full of tons of good stories. And he actually has good technical information when he teaches. Phone Post 3.0

jscorbett -
This is a great fight. I'm on round three now.
Thanks for this.... great to see again. Historical Phone Post 3.0

Would have kicked everyone's Donkey in the UFC..just ask him Phone Post 3.0

he fought mo smith too

he wrestled in high school, commentated some mma, talked about maybe taking 1 mma fight


how bout vs cm punk?!?!?!!!?