Don Frye cohosting Shambala Sports Radio

Tonight at 10 PM Eastern, MMA legend Don Frye will cohost Shambala Sports Radio with myself, Scott Asnault and Erik Koch. Trust me, with Don hillarity is guaranteed. is your hook up at 10 pm EST!

 God damned right Don Frye.

sweet, sounds like a good show. im bout to queue it up. go huskies.

 I'm on hold? not sure.

Crud, i missed most of the show but im glad i saw this now.

Keep up the great work Nanook and have a great holiday!

Hope you all enjoyed as much as I did. I don't believe in self pats on the back, and this was hardly my doing but I'd highly recommend downloading this show and listening to it. Don pulled absolutely no punches and had some note worthy and quotable comments worth listening to. He's a great co host.

Sagiv, Ryann thank you both for your valuable insight. Great having you on!

Jeff, good to hear from you bro. Thanks for the kind words and hope you are well!

Eggz, Go Huskies!

And you got to listen to Don tell my cohost he was going to send him a Dear Don letter with pubic hair in the envelope, me tell Don I fathered his kids and Don tell me he liked my wife. All in fun bro :).