Don frye drunk on mma hour?

Did ne one catch this? Phone Post

LINK??? Phone Post

Link Phone Post

I listened live and he sounded fucked up. Could just be getting old and brain damage, though. Or alcohol/pain pills.

lol if you go to and click "mma hour" it has interviews from mma hour.

he was drinking something in the video. Phone Post

Frye is drunk in over 1/2 his interviews.

I think you could have typed "Don Frye on the mma hour" and it would have meant the same thing. Phone Post

Would being drunk during fight make you fail your post fight test? Is being drunk a performance "enhancer"? (Before you get asspain look at the quotes)

Wonder if they make fighters take a breathlizer test in vegas before walking out?

cruedi - Frye is drunk in over 1/2 his interviews.

That's why Don Frye rules. WAR FRYE!

Haha I just listened in my car didn't see the vid yet, but he sounded fucked up n sed some interesting things. Actually a rlly solid episode sonnen, bj, frye, renzo and sherk so far. Phone Post

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