Don Frye Marriage advice

Best Dear Don Yet


ttt for FRYE!!!!


I want to know if that is his gun or a prop. I bet it is his.

Don Frye = Brilliant!

I watch battleground almost every week and I have not seen any don. I will have to watch more carfully.

ttt awesome.

That reminds me of the Red Green show.



" Look....You got the milk. Why buy the cow ?"

Don sounds more and more like John Wayne every time I hear him.

I was just waiting for him "Well Pilgrim".

Great stuff.

Don is a top guy!

A similar quote is that once the woman has her man i.e. they are married, the tan fades, the diet slips and the hair colour grows out.

No way I want to get caught out in this way...

ttt for Don.

The crazy thing is that is really Don. I've interviewed Don in person for my site and he is the real deal...

Steven Molen

FUNNY but true...

Is he wearing an above the wrist flesh colored glove on top of a fur jacket
on his right hand?

i posted a thread last night with te rest of the ask dons to this date you can find the on the bottom left hand side of the screen at


LOL Classic Frye. Screw Dr. Phil,Don should have his own advice show.