Don King battered in Court Again

It looks like Don King has once again been proven a thief in court and has agreed to pay 7.5 million to Terry Norris who he had stolen from for years earlier.

DK is the biggest scumbag in the history of sports and is in the process of getting his just rewards. The Tyson lawsuit hopefully will do him in and he will die broke and soon, suffering greatly in the process.

He settled out of court for lowballing Norris on purses after loaning Joe Sayotovich money behind Norris's back. Now I can see why Bernard was so angry with James Fisher for sending Don King Christmas card, he was suspicious of any deals going on behind his back.

Good for Terry.

IWAN hate to change the subject but what's your take on the whole BCS mess?

I am not even halfway through Jack Newfield's bio on Don King and I cannot believe why people STILL work for him to this very day. Makes me wonder how effective the Ali Boxing Reform Act can truly be. However, King is not as greedy and corrupt as those people running the BCS. :-) What a sham that the #1 team ranked in both polls doesn't even play in the "championship" game. No one can no longer justify this system without sounding like an idiot. College presidents vote down playoffs claiming they would interfere with mid-term exams and academics in general. What horseshit. Every other level of college football has 16-team playoffs yet manages just fine academically. Bowl representatives shoot it down because of the obvious: it would derail their gravy train and render them obsolete. 1-A College football would be the greatest game in the land if they decided the champion on the field and not through computers and media.

Hater whats up man. My take on the BCS is it is a crock but not as bad as it is being made out to be. At least with the BCS, you have a set criteria before the season begins. IMO the criteria needs some small changes and it will be okay. For example, LSU got no bonus points for beating Georgia twice because by beating them in the SEC title game, they fell to #11. If anyone thinks Georgia is not a top 10 team, they need to have their head examined. Tennessee is #6 and Georgia blew them out like a high school team and the only reason Georgia had one more loss was because they had to play LSU twice. I have said all year that LSU is the best team in the nation. Check the NFL in 5 years and see who has the most players there of the top 3 teams. It will not even be close.

MM is correct about the root of the problem. These universities and the NCAA are pimping these kids and doing what Don King does to fighters. They make money off of them and pay them nothing. How many Ole Miss jerseys do you think Eli sold in his 4 years. They started selling them they day he signed almost 5 years ago. He gets nothing. I think these playesr should at least be paid for their time, especially when they are not allowed to get a job. Another example is Nick Saban. This guy gets a bonus in his contract that says if LSU wins the national title he will automatically be paid 1 million more than the highest paid coach in America. Stoops makes 2.5 million and saban makes 1.6 million. If LSU wins the title game, saban gets a 2 million dollar raise. The pklayesr get squat. That is just wrong.

One thing I disagree with MM on is the two human polls. Personally, those two polls are as worthless as Don King's word. Does anyone really believe that the coaches poll is an intelligent and informed poll? Give me a break. USC is the martyr here but I have no sympathy at all for them. They lost to an avergae California team after being off the previous week. The pac 10 is probably weaker than at leats one of the non BCS leagues and their out of conference record is nothing. Notre dame sucking is not their fault but they still suck is the real point. My disagreement all year has been the Trev "meathead" Alberts 2nd week annointment of Oklahoma as the greatest team in years. This is one of the bozos voting in the human polls. IMO he and mark may are two of the most ignorant TV football people of my lifetime. Listening to him go on and on about how nothing less than a national title at Nebraska is acceptable made me want to puke. Tom Osborne took almost 30 years to win one and the schedule they played in the Big 8 days was pathetic.

The way i see it, USC is lucky because they are truly playing for a share of the title and IMO do not deserve it. I persoanlly think Michigan will win but it is a USC home game just as the Sugar will be for LSU. The argument that OK did not win their own conference is weak at best. They lost once in their league. USC lost once in their league to a much lesser opponent and while OK was laying it on the line in a conference championship game, USC was playing yet another weak Pac 10 team and then sitting on their duffs. That is a fact. IMO the top 4 is just about right.

The BCS needs tweaking still but it is bettwer than the human polls because it takes any emotion and bias out of it. Until we have a playoff, it is the best we have. I say get rid of the people polls and use the BCS standings and have an 8 team playoff within the bowl structure. Even with that, this year would have had much controversy. Some sort of a playoff is the only answer for establishing a true champion.

In another thread I defend Manny Paquaio against his rotten managers and promoter. Some said "well he signed the contract so he should have known what he signed." King had legitimate contracts with his fighters, it's his scumbag moves behnd their backs to rip the off that got him in trouble. Manny has the same problem with his guys. King has one of his few losses in court. Hopefully others will come forward against him. The evidence had to be real damning because norris has trouble talking and probably wouldn't be a good witness. Whereas King is tremendous at testifying. We need a national boxing commissioner now to give the Ali bill some teeth. Bring in Joe Dwyer.

Has there been any fighter that's actually had a good working relationship with King...without getting hosed? Tito Trinidad's the only fighter I can recall. Hopkins obviously hates his situation and even Roy Jones couldn't get out of having options (as a heavyweight) under King.

MM Tito sued Don King twice to get away from him. For years, Tito was considered the worst managed and promoted fighter on earth. It was only after Tyson faded and an Oscra Tito fight became a reality did King even try to do something for tito. Tito saved DK's ass. King had no other money fighter when Tito was carrying the load. Don King had far from a good relationship with tito. There is no telling how muchg he stole from him and more importantly, how much money tito missed out on in his early days because DK was too busy stealing from Tyson and not helping Tito.

Iwan - OK. I figured Felix Sr. was most responsible for Tito's poor progress (both professionally and financially) early in his career. I also assumed that since he retired a multi-millionaire (and didn't need to continue fighting past his prime), he didn't get financially raped liked Witherspoon, Chavez, Tyson, Norris, and many others. Thanks for clearing that up.

MM I think Chavez may have been the fighter he screwed the worst. He obviously stole the most from Tyson because Tyson was making such huge sums. On a side note, my favorite part of Newfield's book that you are reading is the part where he breaks down just how DK got Mike less money than Cayton did over the same time period. Chavez was royally screwed over by DK.

I have also read that Tito's close friend is a top financial guy in Puerto Rico and has helped Tito do very well with his nmoney away from the ring. I read that he actually has made more money outside the ring than inside even though the initial capatilization was from his boxing earnings.

Still the greatest promoter of all time,and i will
happily spend the money i saved not buying that Arum
crap a couple of months ago.

Good for Terry... hope Iron Mikes gets a few bucks too

Nat with your IQ and homosexual tendencies towards DK I am not surprised.

King is scum...always has been always will be. His being able to put together decent ppv cards doesn't change that. I look forward to his exiting the sport.

how much did he steal from chavez? i know witherspoon was living in an apartment when he was heavyweight champ under king

Terry Norris deserves every penny and he's going to need it!!!

King's not beyond critical reproach because i believe
he is only about money,but he's still the greatest
promoter ever.
But what i can't understand is why,before King has
even been found guilty of any contractual
infractions,Duva,Arum and Kushner have been found
guilty and admitted to some form of it.But nobody ever
makes a thread about those guy's!King may have stole
more money,may be more recognizable,but he's also made
fighters more money.That's not justification for his
what he may have done,but when you have guy's doing
the same things,and at the same time putting out junk
fight cards,i thinks it's fair to say there is a
double standard going on.

By the way,just because i disagree with what some
jackass writes critisizing King,doesn't mean i like
King.But ,i understand that we are dealing with a type
of person here who can't separate certain issues from
certain facts.

Nat I am interested in what you said. Could you translate it into English so i can understand it?

"But what i can't understand is why, before King has been found guilty of any contractual obligations, Duva, Arum and Kushner have been found guilty and admitted to some form of it." WTF does that mean??????

The word was "infractions" not "obligations",if you
truely have an hard time with the English language
then you really must refrain from the "selective

I would also like to point out that the race issue was
not raised by me.But the point is well taken,and in
SOME instances it may exist.King has used Race on
numerous occasions in his promotions blatantly and
subliminally,but his no more of a parasite than Arum
who puts a $50+ price tag on a card that had only one
legitimate title on it,and obviously aimed at the
latin community.So it's obvious to me that there are
persons on this forum who are indeed racist and of
that fact their can be no mistake.
If a crime is committed by two parties ,how can one be
"guiltiest",a crime is defined by action and nothing
else,that why the three strikes law is ridiculous.