Don mcgahn testifies today, not public but there will be a transcript released

i suppose its good that they are doing it for precedent but it wont amount to anything, its already known that trump told him to fire mueller and then told him to lie about it, and nobody gave a fuck then, and the democrats were too feckless to do anything with it.

i dont imagine its going to change any minds, and even less people will give a fuck now, so its all just political posturing. what do they think they are going to get that mueller couldnt? even the topics that they can ask about are severely limited.

i would put the chance that any bombshell news (or even interesting news) comes out of this at about 1%.

“Don McGahn, who has been behind closed doors for close to four hours, has been “cooperative with questions,”says House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler”

“Nadler now says that McGahn is being “somewhat difficult” and being cooperative “some of the time””

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A highly redacted transcript will. Probably be released lol.

seems like the smart move for the democrats would have been to let it go to the supreme court and solidify the legitimacy of congressional subpoenas, but they dropped it and then got this useless extremely limited testimony in return…

Not quite a transcript so take it for what it’s worth

Full transcript here

this story about the DOJ seeking records of the media etc just gets crazier every day, and nothing but crickets from the people that went batshit crazy over stuff like this in the past;

Sums it up here

they explicitly state that the request did not come from mueller, i suppose they could be lying.

but lets say that they are lying (or just wrong) how does that explain the media and democrat committee member inquiries? or is there another explanation for those?

hopefully you agree that whoever ordered it done better have had a damn good reason right?

Yeah . They were leaking like a sieve.

James Wolfe, a staffer to the Senate Intel, leaked the FISA of Carter Page. An unprecedented leak of national security concerns.

Jeff Sessions created the leak investigation because of one of the IG reports.

This is a story the media is trying to make into something it isn’t

so par for the course?

Strzok texts…

Seems like a lot of people thought it was politicians leaking

Sessions claims he knows nothing of the subpoena.he was recused from all things Russia at that point. Barr wasn’t around.

Leaves us with Rosenstein, McCabe, or Mueller and group.

Considering they subpoenaed mcgahn data in 2018 leaves the possibility of McCabe, who wasn’t fired until March 2018 it very well could have been him…? Not sure if he could just issue these without Rosenstein approval.

Don’t know who that is.
If he’s on my team then it’s a witch hunt and waste of money.
If he’s on the other team then he’s as corrupt as they come and is going down!

so why is sessions saying he knows nothing about it? ah recusal, going to have to look at the timeline again.

again, the story says it wasnt mueller.

rosenstein has already said no knowledge

lying? maybe. but i mean there is going to be record of it.

cant imagine anyone submitting subpoenas like this without consulting the top guy.

they also went back to court multiple times over years to keep them hidden.

Any day now.