Don Muraco taking hilarious liberty on jobber

I can't find this video on YouTube, but its probably one of the funniest asshole examples of taking liberties with a jobber that I have ever seen.


Muraco,  I believe was probably being managed by Fuji at the time, beats up and squashes a jobber, but adding insult to injury, hits the guy with a piledriver, and then proceeds to thrust his hips down during the pinfall, and hardcore buries his taint and ballsack on the dude's face. 


The three count finishes and the guy storms up and yells at Muraco. 


 That dude was such a great heel.  it was one of the funniest things I've ever seen in my life.


Please tell me someone else has seen this video. If I can find it I will post it to this thread.

Didn't see any rimjobs in that video. 

Kwang -

Didn't see any rimjobs in that video. 

That wasn't the video.   The jobber was way thinner than that guy.


You can tell he was pissed because he springs right up after the 3 count and yells at Muraco.


I'm on a mission to find this video now.

I was interested in seeing this as well so started looking around.  No help, but interestingly enough came across an early video of a bearded and rugged Muraco against a skinny pale 19 year old Barry Windham from Florida.

Man wrestling never ceases to surprise me on what you can come across.



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The OG can find any obscure porn scene with only a three word description.

I expect the same level of dedication for this forum.

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Not the match in question, but here's the Magnicent one enjoying a meatball sandwich while squashing another opponent:

Tried to find this, couldn’t.... anyone have any luck? I need to see it lol 

The Topester -

That jobber doesn't know how to sell properly. If he pulled that shit in the ring with Andre, he'd get destroyed. 

I looked again for this yesterday. 


Still cannot find. 


I'm positive it was Muraco, but who knows....maybe it was someone else, after all. 

I got a 10$ visa gift card or for PlayStation/Xbox for anyone who can find this video for me, no bullshit, I need to see it lol