Don Richard New Judo Black Belt

I took the liberty to post on this forum because Don is a great jiujitsu player also.

I had the honor to present Warrior Way Dojo's Don Richard (DR1)with a judo shodan today.

Don is a NAGA World Submission Heavyweight Champion, a Caique purple belt, a FightZone Heavyweight Champion, a MFC Submission Black Belt, winner of multiple bjj titles, 2001 Great Lakes Judo Black Belt Heavyweight Champion, starting member of Metro Fight Club's 2002 Great Lakes Judo Championships Team Champions, an outstanding wrestler, etc. etc. etc.

Don is nicknamed "Bear" because he is truly as strong as one, stands 6'0" and blasts the scales with 255 pounds of muscle. But it is his sweet ass/potent technique that distinquishes him and he rarely utilizes his hydraulic-like power.

Last but not least he is about as good a dude as I have every met in my 53 years on this rock.

It is judo tradition that everyone in the dojo gets to throw the new black belt and so about 12 dudes today took turns launching Don. Don demonstrated beautiful breakfalls!!!! Man, oh man, those were some nice throws!

Anyway, huge shout out to the Bear!!!

That black belt looked potent tied around your waist today droog!!

Walt Lamb/old dog of the Metro/5th dan Judo


Don, hhmm, what can I say ..... Cool guy. lol, for real though, Don you kick ass and are great at what you do, keep up the hard training for those of us that are not!

Thanks you guys *Blushes* seriously though I have been very lucky to be associated and train with alot of great people here in MI and in Cali so thanks to all of you that have rolled with me or showed me some technique.You've all helped me in the pursuit of my goals.

CONGRATS!!! I know this was a major goal for Don and he saw it all the way through....GOOD JOB!!! Like Walt said, this is just one more accomplishment to Don's long and impressive list!

Thanks Angelo I'll see you tuesday.

congrats bro!!!! Now you can teach me a thing or two.;)

Any time mini me ;)



congrats, man! how long? i'm thinking serious about x-training judo

I'd say it took Don about four - five years. Keep in mind Don cross trains extensively in bjj, mma, submissions and judo entering a wide and diverse selection of comps.



Way to go Big Don! Congrats...very well deserved for sure!Wow a black exciting. I got to see the belt on Sat, Don you look great in it! :)


Congrats Don I've only seen you in action once but I was impressed.

James Foster

Congrats Don. Looking forward to training with you on the 13th. Great Job.
Mike Yelsik


congrats big Don!

hey awesome - congratulations! also, i recently spoke to the fuzzy bunny: he will be competing at champions challenge.