Don’t cry for the Dead...They Had it Coming

When people die, everyone gets all somber and sad. What if your grandpa killed 20 hookers in his young years?

What if the little boy that got struck by a stray bullet was going to grow up to be a 8 time felon?

What if the family of 4 that burnt up in a fire were going to make a decision that resulted in the death of a million people?

What I’m saying is, what if everyone that dies isn’t a tragedy? But the universe getting retribution??




Being sad about someone’s death doesnt mean their death was tragic or that the person is blowing that death or the life of the person lost up into something it isnt. Personal grief over a bad person lost isnt any less real or valid than fried over a good person lost.

I agree that nowadays, in a world where people dont have much family or connection to their community, there is a lot of bullshit fake grief over famous or infamous people who die.

Don’t just look at the what if’s in one direction.

What if the boy who took a stray bullet would’ve grown up to cure cancer.

What if the family who died in a fire ended up donating and volunteering at a homeless shelter.

What if the car crash took the life of someone who was going to save 7 lives one day.

One of my biggest pet pieves is people who show up to funerals who the deceased could care less about. You know those people that found out uncle Charlie twice removed by marriage just croaked but those people couldnt even tell you what his last name was. We all know those people.

Funerals are somber events and why do I need to occupy my time talking to a bunch of people I dont know or dont like. Just to see a dead body with a ton of clown makeup on their face.

This is someone’s stand up act. Tom Seguara I think

“Yeah, well I guess they had it coming” “We all have it coming Kid!”

I have similar thoughts, but in regards to old people. Everybody is always super nice to old people, but pieces of shit humans get old too.

Some old people are fucking trash because they were always trash.