Donald Cerrone vs Manny Reyes jr.

ROF top light weight fighter Donald COWBOY Cerrone will be fighting internet legend Manny Reyes Jr. on 12-29-06. The fight will take place on the TUFF-N-UFF event in Las Vegas, at the South Point Hotel and Casino. Cowboy will be putting his undefeated 4-0 MMA record on the line against the "internet legend". Reyes, a former point fighting champion, transitioned to MMA and quickly gained notoriety by publicly proclaiming himself UFC champion. He then used the internet forums to challenge, and badmouth many of the sports high level athletes. One of his target's became ROF fighter Duane BANG Ludwig, a point not missed by the Cowboy.

"I am really ready to fight this guy. I knew a little bit about him, but once I heard some of the things he said about Duane, regarding his family and stuff, it just made me mad. I am going to put him to sleep. KO or triangle, he is going out. Tell Manny, the Cowboy is coming and he is bringing Hell with him!" said Cerrone. 

Donald is coming off an injury that kept him from competing on the King's Birthday S-1 Muay Thai tournament in Thailand. He recently returned to training and says he will be ready for Reyes at the end of the month. ROF fighter and Cerrone teammate, Eric RUMBLE BEE Buck is also on the card. He will be fighting at 145 lbs against Troy Yania of the famous One Kick Nick gym.

fight card will be updated soon on website:


Donald is tough!! great fight for him.

He may be tough, but one way or another, I would't want to be fighting Manny...

If you win--so what---you beat fucking Manny for Christ's sake...

If lose... you lost to fuckng Manny.

It's just light fighting a girl--a no win situation.

lose to Manny? Does that happen (in real fights)?

Donald will decapitate Manny



Tear him up Donald.

J. R. Gordon

Manny will not show up, it is too good to be true!

What's so funny Dan?

It is a good song, and this will be a great show!

yeaaa my boy Kevin Ross is fighting on this show as well !!

Ill be there in his corner !!

p.s. not to start any sh$# , but diddnt Hermes Franca KTFO Manny ?? soooo how is he undefeated ??

anyway..... BE AT THIS SHOW IT IS ONNNNN !!!

Wait. A guy who was going to compete on a Kings Birthday card in Thailand against point karate man Manny Reyes?

If Reyes wasnt such a douchebag i would say that is a pretty big mismatch that could lead to severe injury. But fuck Reyes

Good Luck with the show Barry.

Uhh the cowboy is said to be undefeated, not Manny,

Thanks everyone for supporting the sport!



I assume his management is him and he tells himself he is good...