Donations needed

We are planning this years event.

it's focus again will be reaching at risk youths with drug and emotional problems.

We will be bringing in our own beloved Reverend John Jensen..all the way from Australia

the event will be a little different thisd year...we are booking only five bands, we will be having a traveling skate park, a motocross jumping demo, a martial arts demonstration, tattoo shop

and most importantly orginizations such as Hope For The Rejected, Stand True, Celebrate Soberity, XXX Church.

thank you so much for everybody who donated last year. This year we do not actually need to raise as much as we did last year. Our need for donations is only $3,000. Half of what we raised just from alone last year. If you again feel led, it would be appreciated so much

our paypal account is or you can send donations to the church.

God bless

This forum raised 6 k last year ????????

pretty close...the entire site raised over 5,300

Lahi and Jason Hornbuckle combined donated $2,150

That's great that you are bringing in John to do a martial arts demonstration on you Sherm.

LOL nah it's a breaking know...entertaining stuff

plus John aint gonna touch me...I'm signing his check


He should ask for payment in advance. ;-)

What is a travelling skate park?  Is that just a bunch of portable wooden ramps? 

yeah, but it comes with a pro skate team

I thought you left the HG :)

I came back to beg for money


Do your best benny hinn impression and all will be forgiven.

That's a better reason than I have for spending so much time on here.


Welcome back.

bro, when do you need a donation by (still recovering from Christmas!) :-)

no rush...not urgent at this point

i can help out in a few months. same reason as rooster ;)

So can I teach all the american kiddies how to play cricket?