done for today...

Hey guys, I'm done for today. I got zero work done at work!

Anyway, I really appreciate those with the guts, time, desire, ability to stand up for their beliefs and to challenge mine. May God bring us all to a greater understanding of who He is and how to serve Him.

Talk to you all tomorrow. P.S. How many times was Jeus begotten (I'm looking for a number here. Ranging from "one" to "whatever")


Thanks for responding pretjah. Now that Jesus was begotten once, (this may seem like a stupid question but hang with me) when was he begotten? (I may pose this in a general thread as well).

when the holy spirit moved upon mary's body and she became pregnant.

**Objection council is leading the witness**

Excellent Pretjah, I agree. So what was begotten? Thanks for playing along.

begotten - the man Jesus was begotten.

however this does not lend well to your arguement of one entity.

as again it clearly shows JEsus leaving heaven and being born into flesh. after the moving of the Holy spirit on mary creating the only Begotten son of God the Father

Ok, so humanity was begotten (not Spirit as deity cannot be begotten/'s eternal). And you said that He was begotten once. Now wouldn't that mean that the man, humanity is what is called the "Son" and it has origin in the birth of the man and not in being a "son" before that?

that would be true if it was simply son of man but he is also Son of God

Right. But truly God was His maker as He, the man Christ Jesus was begotten once, and it was humanity that was begotten. So isn't it true that if He were begotten once, it was humanity that was begotten (as diety is not created, made or begotten) that He is truly the Son of God by virtue of the agency of the Spirit?

thanks pretjah