Done with the Arnolds

I would first like to say that I'm very proud of my staff and team that worked the tables, bracket, and security. They did a damn good job, to many people,to small a space, we couldn't start on time. My team was ready at their tables at 8:00 am. Relson and his referee's showed up later and we didn't get started untill 10:30am. This plus the fact that we had a line up that Relson changed because of wanting to film the brown belts on different mats we had to reorganize.The referee's were for the most part good some very good. Some were blatantly biased and if you weren't Brazillian you are in trouble if you don't submit. Jeff Monson was cheated and it shouldn't have happened anyway because Padepano had lost to Wade Rome. I watched what was a good tournament up until the pro division go straight down the tubes. Pe De Pano should have been disqualified for his tantrum that was so embarassing I was going to take away his baby bottle. If any American had complained half of the way he did they would have been disqualified. The pro divisions had overtimes in the event of a tie. SHONIE vs JD, When I protested my daughters match because it was tied at the end of ten minutes and the match was given to the Brazillian girl, by the Brazillian Ref. I was told they were busy counting the money out "talk to the ref". Carlson Sr. the biggest whinner I have ever seen flatly said its the refs decision. I got pissed and loudly stated that there were two sets of rules in this tournement. One for Brazillians and one for Americans and that Combat-Do would never again come to this tournament. Further that any ethical American would never come back to this biased bullshit. The Gym was totally silent while I said my pease and then many Americans applauded and said that they were with me.
To all of you that claim you love the sport and want it to grow.
Lead follow or get the fuck out of the way. Master Bob


Hey Master Bob,
My fiance got fucked over in the womans pro div.
she beat the Brazilin girl first rd. by a sweep and
over all agressiveness. She popped the girl left arm
with a straight arm lock. She attacked the girls arm
again and again the brazilian COULD NOT pass the gaurd
and finally got swept bigtime.
the brazilian was holding the clothes stalling and the
REF was LOOKING AWAY! I said hey man watch the match.
they gave the brazilian 2 pts. for a scrambling
"takedown" and the brazilian wins!

All this after starting 8 HRS LATE.


I saw you all weekend and the first day you looked
rally into it. I am glad you have seen the light about
the DOUBLE standard. I watched brazilians doing knee
bars and heal hooks and other illeagal moves to win

ttt for NAGA chicago.

TTT for NAGA and GQ from this point on.


I've competed at the Arnolds two years ago, and I agree with you guys, that's why I've never been back there since,and I'm Brazilian.Big Mess!

Cyrus,We can't say that ALL events promoted by Brazilians are like that,there are some good one's.

That's absolute bullshit, Bob.  I support you.

and then everyone started chanting: USA! USA! USA!
isn't brazil the capital of argentina?



Fight the power BRO!!!!

This is a well known fact that Americans routinely get robbed at BJJ events, like when Ricco Rodriguez was disqualified from the Mundials!

The only way an American can win in a BJJ event is if they submit every opponent.

TTT 4 this thread!


I'm glad my first grappling tournament is going to be NAGA Chicago. TTT for Master Bob.

Bob is the man.

ttt... if true, which is sounds like everyone is in agreement, thats bullshit.

Well said Master Bob.. it is unfortunate that this tourney was run this way.. and has been for the past few years. On a good note, with the amount of support that CombatDo has provided to the Arnolds over the past few years, maybe the organizing group of the tourney will have to take notice now and change things.. or will we get some more empty promises like last year..

Master Bob,

I have been a supporter for this event for the past 4
years, and was even apart of this event in 2003. I too
have seen even more 'shadey things' than most people
even know about!

However, after seeing how things were handled in the
the Wade Rome vs. pe De Pano match...well, lets just
say that I am glad that i have other competitive NAGA in Chi-town!

Bottome line, Relson said that if your elbows or Knees
touch the mat it is considered a 2 Point take-down.
Wade took him donw not once, but twice, and still no

That said, I will see you in May!

Dustin Ware

Master Bob what did Carlson Sr ever do for you to call him the biggest whinner you have ever seen? He always has some people at your tournaments and plans to have 40 to 50 at your NAGA event. Did you not see him complain (like you) to Relson/Cooper about the refs? I don't speak for Carlson but didn't he also say that Wade won by the rules that were set just like he said the ref was ment to decide the winner if it is a draw?
Carlson always said tournaments would need to be run fairly for Jiu-Jitsu to grow world wide.

Isn't carlson suppose to be having a tounament in chicago in the fall. IF we can get TWO big legit tournaments in chicago a year, I don't see how Relson's tournies can survive the way it's ran.