Done with UFC

This PPV started the downward slope for the UFC. I am done with it. I refuse to pay for this shit. They better get like Elite and start putting this stuff on cable because I dont think this 45 dollar shit is going to sell for much longer.

It's gonna be a while before I get another one. I am not done with the UFC, but I would like to see better matchups for the 45 dollar cards.

seriously, they have so much fluff it's nuts. They could show 2 more fights if Goldie just STFU!

Good riddance. More UFC for me.

Thats why you find friends who are interested in it and get them to buy it and all you gotta do is either get ur own food and show up or eat whatever there cooking or you go to your local sports bar and watch it there

Or you go to 5th round or some of these MMA sites that do broadcasts or go to MMALinker where they show the fights for free.....DOH!

C ya

LOL @ paying for this horse shit....


Kirik, can we get at "Fair-Weather UFC/MMA Fan" forum going?

It can be filled with these shitty "I'm done with UFC" threads so we don't have to even look at them.

Thank you.


- Serious , non-pussy MMA Fan

ditto prof, fuck jonnierocket

$10 you will be watching UFC 84

60 dollars by the end of the year at this rate.

every event we have this, just stop watching and leave this board too.


I will buy the next UFC and I will love it too.

UFC 84 is well worth the money.

that was a great PPV. Quarry even salvaged his fight by mocking the jogger.

lol at more ufc for me, idiot.

I'll lucky that some guys came over tonight and everyone pitched in money.

I would really be pissed if I paid for that out of my own pocket.

There is seriously way better stuff on free tv than what we saw tonight on this PPV.

Fifteen minutes of running away from Nate Quarry? How the fuck do I justify paying for that? Can anyone tell me how that is better than what we see for free on HD-Net?

Peace out douche bag!

do you guys work at a lemonade stand?? seriously? what is $40? do you not have friends? how about a hooters?

Yeah I'll watch ufc 84 but not pay anymore, not worth it, its getting to one-sided; Almost liek how WWE used to do it back in the day, bring in an absolute no-name and basically guarantee a win on the superstar's side, that is what UFC i smaking people pay for? Build up one main event and just put together absolute bullshit for the rest. This happens because people buy it. Look at the other ORGS right now, doing whatever they could to gain known fighters to dtring along great events. UFC got the fighters but offer one-sided fights. Not exciting, call this thread re-occuring, call it troll, say " fuck me"; it don't bother me, but when will some of you realize you fuel the fire for this garbage.