Getting a headstart?


 Fuck, my spider sense was tingling too. GOD DAMNIT I hate when that happens.

I had it a draw. 29-29.

good decision, imo. whatever it will be.


no one really wanted to win that fight

Joe Rogan will be pleased, he was riding Karo's back more then Dong.

The Sth Korean won that fight imo.

Could of gone either way. Karo did have a sweet ass throw though.

Karo won that round by tripping dong to the ground. Not even securing a takedown. Its like the judges memories are so short they only remember the last 2 minutes of each round

Dong is like a reverse Okami in that he starts out very strong but then slows down in the later rounds.

I had him winning it due to position control and sub attempts, but I can see how the judges might have thought Karo won due to Kim being somewhat inactive in the 2nd and 3rd.

ya that was garbage, Dong won a unanimous decisionin my book.

Dong won that 29-28 or it should of been a draw

 checks pants

If Dong even threw 10 kicks he would have won easily. But let's face it, they're trying to bring the asshole back.Normally I'd be sympathetic to someone with panic attacks, but not that low end bully.

thetrollsmasher - MY GOD THIS ROBBERY

Give me a break... neither really deserved the win... tough to argue for either.

Lil gRaPpLEr - Dong won that 29-28 or it should of been a draw

 Exactly. There is no room for a 29-28 Karo judgement. Dong won the 1st by a wide margin, then scored a takedown and effective strikes in round three, meanwhile Karo did not finish a single takedown. That was in the same ballpark as Hamill vs. Bisping in terms of clear-cut wrong decisions

 Dong won for sure, but that was the worst nuthugging by Rogan ever.

UFC definitely likes to protect certain fighters to help with future standings.