Donna Lee

This song is kicking my ass..

Yep as recorded by the Charlie Parker quintet May 8, 1947.

Charlie Parker (as); Miles Davis (tpt); Earl "Bud" Powell (p); Tommy Potter (b); Max Roach (d)

"This song is kicking my ass.."

That might be because the song kicks ass, and you just got in the way. ;)

I think Racer X is correct.

try the original "anthropology" at 160bpm like how bird used to do it.

Do you play that gakami?

hell no.. maybe i used to be able to 9 years ago but i haven't kept my
chops up.

"The original at 160? huh? Try about 220 lol"

um... I meant 160bpm in 4/16 ..

*runs and hides*