Donnie Yen: United Airlines on personal blacklist

Donnie Yen says that United Airlines is now on his personal blacklist

On Tuesday, the Ip Man and Rogue One actor posted on Facebook that United was now on his personal blacklist after his 9-year-old son had watched the disturbing video of Dao being forcibly removed from his seat by police officers and had asked him about it. "How do you teach your children of such uncivilized, injustice, discriminated, publicly and proudly assaulted a 69 year old man, treating him like trash. No one should be treated this way," Yen writes.

Yen joins a handful of Chinese celebrities and thousands of Chinese netizens who have vowed to boycott the airline. The incident has become the hottest topic on Weibo this week with over 1 billion views and 360,000 comments. Some web users have even cut up their United membership cards and posted pictures onto social media.

Meanwhile, a #ChineseLivesMatter petition on the petitions page demanding a federal investigation into the incident now has over 200,000 signatures with the number continuing to rise even after it was discovered that the passenger was Vietnamese-American, not Chinese-American.