Don't be jealous!

I flew w/ the one and only "MVP" from Tampa to Tallahassee on Wednesday. Talked to him a bit......really very nice guy. Wouldn't even have recognized him if it weren't for the gaudy "MVP" medallion he was wearing over his suit. Not tall at all, but he's a big damn guy. He worked the Smackdown show the night before in Lakeland.

I still think he sucks though so I tombstoned his sorry ass on the tarmac.

Seriously, he was wearing that damn medallion?

Yup........he was absolutely sporting the medallion. No other way I would have recognized him.

Was wearing a nice suit w/ the "MVP" over the collar. He seemed almost glad that I knew who he was versus a random rapper.

He's big......but not so big that you'd think he was some big time athlete.

I also see Vito........alot. Yes he sports the dress.

I fly at least 3x a week and see VMK make all the local guys live their gimmicks. Not sure where MVP lives. Odd that he was connecting to Atlanta when their are 100 Tampa/Atlanta flights a day.

Central Florida is the best place for bumping into wrestlers randomly. I'll never forget meeting Jim Neidhart in a mall in Tampa. He really does laugh like that.

I've also seen Nash, Scott Hall, Big Show,Lex Luger, and Macho Man in various strip clubs.

edited due to the fact I can't type worth shit

Funny that you mention Macho........I was just telling a friend how I saw him at an IHOP in Sarasota.........Fucker brought his own syrup (true)

Did MVP have two hos with him?

Lol @ bringing your own syrup. WTF?

I saw Batista at a diner and used to see Sgt. Slaughter all the time at the mall when I lived in CT.

Savage used to live in Sarasota, FL (I think he's in Clearwater now).

I saw him at the IHOP in downtown Sarasota. He was wearing a doo-rag and sunglasses. Actually, what made me notice him was that he was w/ "Gorgeous George" (from WCW). She was so hot in a slutty way.

Anyway, when his order came he had a bottle of his own syrup in a duffle bag.

Several years ago, when I lived in MS, Test and Stacey Keibler ewalked in on a Sun afternoon. They were driving through on the way to a house show.

And, unlike most every "diva" I've seen up close, she's even hotter in person. She did like to tease in that she kept bending over, hiking her shorts, etc. We stood around like damn retarded monkeys...


We used to see Ric Flair at all the little kids "national" wrestling tournaments a few times a year with his son Reid. The first time we saw him (about '96 or so) we'd heard he was staying at our hotel but didn't think we'd run into him because we didn't know about his kid being a wrestler. When we got to the arena we were looking at the brackets on the wall and my mom says "Hey guys, turn around." My dad (who's about 5'4" or less) turns around and belts out a big "Whooooooooooooooo" less than a foot away up into Flair's face. The Nature Boy just laughed and patted my dad on the shoulder.


"Funny that you mention Macho........I was just telling a friend how I saw him at an IHOP in Sarasota.........Fucker brought his own syrup (true)"

Not really that weird. Maybe he just doesn't like their brand of syrup. I've worked at restaurants my whole life and see people bring their own condiments, splenda, etc. all the time in case we don't have any. Well, not all the time. But quite a few times. It'd be different if they charged for syrup and he brought his own because of that. That would be lame.



Koma was savage all small? I heard he is like 170 now

I saw Savage at IHOP many years ago. It was back when the "NWO" was in full force and he was dating GG. They had a nasty break-up and she started doing web cam masturbation vids for money.

Last time I saw him was photos from his rap CD launch and he was much smaller and his beard was fully gray