Don't believe in UFC

My friend's brothers believe that the UFC is rigged. They were both wrestlers, and know that some PrideFCs have been fixed. How can I prove that it is what it is?

Explain to them how it is sanctioned by state athletic commissions.

tell them that the boxing commissions sanction the events. and we all know that boxing is never fixed. oh wait dont do that.

tell them that this is the WWF and would never bring guys like ken shamrock, don frye into the UFC...oh wait dont do that either.

tell them that jet li and mike tyson would get their butts kicked in the octagon!

Tell them to give it a shot.

It's always some crackpot...

wait...u mean it isn't?

"Explain to them how it's sanctioned by state atheletic commisions" LMAO! Yes and so is pro boxing and we all know there are never any fixed or shady fights in pro boxing! LOL

If they've seen UFC fights and believe that they're rigged, convincing them is a hopeless cause.

Whoop up on both of them then ask them, You think that was rigged Biiiiiiiiiooooootch!?!?

"tell them that shit don't fly in the usa "

Bob Arum would disagree. We know of dubious matches in the UFC just like their are in any combat sport. Even if the promoters have nothing to do with it, you will never be able to prevent two athletes from having a mutual agreement before a match or from one guy deciding he will throw the fight.

whip the shit out of them

Give up on them.

You better wait until the ufc has a show that's not a tribute to pro-wrestling.

What finally convinced me that UFC wasn't rigged when I first starting watching it (I couldn't believe it was real either), was the boring fights. After all, no one would ever script a fight like Shamrock-Severn II.

But this again shows why Pride is so bad for the sport.

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Explain to them how it is sanctioned by state athletic
commissions. " LOL

Who cares what they think? Tell them to fuck off...

Tell them it's like the time Owen Hart fell from the rafters.

Some things are real.


The post clearly stated that the dude's friends were familiar with Pride and thought it had works.