Don't Breath 2 Trailer

First one wasn’t too bad, I actually sympathized with the old bastard.

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Hmmm, I liked the first one, and was excited for this. I feel like once again the trailer shows too much. I’ll still check it out, Stephen Lang is the man.

Liked the first one. Hilarious that the lead played Ike Clanton in Tombstone!


I liked his character in the first one. Except for the whole trying to fill up the girl with jizz part.

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So he’s basically the blind version of Bryan Mills from Taken?

Eh. Would have preferred this remain a standalone film.

Oh shit that’s him???


Yup, have you seen VFW?


I was seriously hoping the thread title was the actual movie title.

I can definitely get into this!

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First one was great with a giant WTF during the 3rd act.

Can’t wait

I like it better with him as the hero.

You sympathised with a rapist? Cool bro that says a lot about you and your posts lol.

And you sympathize with the murdered of a woman and her unborn child? Hmmm lets compare the crimes.:thinking:

Really, there was no rape. An unwillingly invitro fertilization, but not rape.

Superman is a hero. You think he keeps some teen chick locked in his basement, and pumped with jiz? I bet he’s got a whole flock, R Kelly style.

You mean the same Superman who keeps his enemies trapped prisoners in the phantom zone where only he can release them?