Dont bring a Knife to a Cane fight ?!? WTF? (vid)


Cane w/ broken leg > Knife ??


Guys got balls

Fearless. I respect his confidance but I don't agree with his decisions. 

@ Phone Post 3.0

He lost to a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest.

It looked to me like Cane Guy was in the wrong. Knife Guy was trying to leave, but CG kept coming. Who knows who started the altercation?

KG didn't know how to use a cane. He held it by the curve, so he didn't get good torque with it. The cane also didn't have good follow through, because it bounced back when it hit. He should've either choked up and held it like a sword, or held it by the other end.

Regardless, he kept trying to get away, but the other guy kept coming. I'd be in fear of my life if I were in that situation. He's lucky the other "find, upstanding citizens" didn't jump him, WSHH style.

Big black kept telegraphing that overhand right (his only move). Little brown should have been whacking at the lead (no cast) leg. Though I tend to think that cane didn't have a lot of mass and would have bent / broken pretty quick and become useless. Looked to be made of hollow aluminum?

Wait for the overhand right, change levels, takedown. Mount, take the back, choke him out, then take a shit down his cast. Then maybe sign it "Get well soon! Jose"

Imagine if that was Palhares against big black with leg in a cast.......ouch.