DON'T buy Star Wars KoTOR!

URgent warning! Do not buy this...thing...

I won't call it a "game." A "game" is something you "play." This, however, consumes your entire existence! You will find yourself staying up to 3am with it. Your social life will be destroyed, your sink will pile up with dirty dishes, and dirty laundry will litter every corner of your stinky, pigsty house!

Damn you Bioware!

dude, I just saw this on breaking news at cnn...crazy

Welcome to where I was christams time.

I was a social cripple for 8 days!


been there too

great game

I just started again, fuck that game it's too addictive. What do people think of the new content downloads?

hehe :)

i geeked out too.....great game cant wait for the sequel.....

yeah, I fell victim to its wrath as well. It was the first RPG I really got into and was all consuming.

I said new content download because I hadn't seen it before... as far as I know its the only one.

What's the learning curve like? Is it tough to learn as far as RPG's go?

What about if you're not a Star Wars fan? Could you still enjoy it?

great game, i didnt jerk off for 2 weeks while playing this game over and over and over

suffered serious blue balls and had to be rushed to the hospital

KOTOR is a great game.

"Is this the xbox version that has new content? "

It is only the Yavin station which is included in the PC version BUT:

SPOILERS (sort of)

you can get badass saber crystals from the rodian who runs the station if you help him with the Trandos. The Mantle of the Force crystal is turquoise in color (light side) and Heart of the Guardian is dark orange/red in color (dark side). Both are badass looking and make awesome sabers with the right crystal combo.

Also be sure to browse around the 2nd level of the star forge so that you find either the star forge robes (light side) or Darth Revan's robes (dark side). You will totally pimp malak's bitch ass with them.

just like shin2chin, I was in the same boat at Christmas time. Shit for 2 weeks I would not answer my phone, I would leave work at lunch to go play and stay up till all hours of the night playing. Then I did it all again as the dark side. That game was so fucking addicting.

decent game

lol I felt just the opposite :) I felt like a tool especially on Tatooine when I took that poor woman's wraid (sp) plate. I know, Im a puss.

I actually had a lot more fun playing the light side. Guess my heart isnt as black as I thought. At least, in comparison to you bastids :)

the best is after you have played both the light and dark side paths so you aren't too worried about light/dark side points. So I help those in need and usually complete the quests the "light" way, but I smack any cocksucking punk stupid enough to mouth off to me.

It's a must have, not my style of game though.

anyone know the release date???