Don't count Parisian out!

That little Judo guy is one bad trucker! He was winning the Diego fight up until about 60 percent into the fight. He is a awesome rep for judo! I think Diegos early barrage on Carl's eyes got Judo man off to a bad start. I would like to see a rematch once the inevitable happens and Sanchez becomes champ.


Yes. TTT for Carl.

TTT for Cain and Judo

Not only is Carrow a great fighter, his restaurant chain serves the best strawberry waffles $3 can buy!

Who the fuck's countin my boy Car-O out? Huh? WHO? Wait till Steve-O gets in the cage, beatches!

Karo is an awesome fighter and will be back. He is also a judo machine. We cut weight with him before he fought Serra and found he is a very cool guy too.

TTT for Parisian!

Oh, I thought we were talking about Caol Uno.


ttt for Cal Worthington and my dog spot.

Charleston is one hell of a fighter!

Karo (samurai)
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A Karo (??, house elder) was a top-ranking samurai official in service to a daimyo in feudal Japan.


Pronunciation: (kär'o), [key]
—pl. -ros.
a shrub or small tree, Pittosporum crassifolium, of New Zealand, having shiny leaves with a white, felty underside, red flowers, and densely hairy fruit.

He's Everywhere!