Don't Doubt THE JAW

With a mug like this generating its own gravitational field (j/k), it is clear that Tito cannot lose against Cote.

Bigger target.

good god that man has one hellofa head and chin.


neato watch tito has, yes

that is an obvious photoshop... here is the original:

When did Inoki dye his hair?

charles, thats good!

that guy with tito looks like he has a broken orbital bone.

I too think that Tito will most likely win, however, he loses the fashio war by wearing a suit-coat on top of a t-shirt.


Kimo's Jaw vs Tito's Jaw....

Oct 22 at Mandible Bay.

he's got a bigger sweet spot.

This is Tito as he's ripping into Ken and Ken is getting pissed off, at the UFC 48 postfight. Robbie Lawler is watching it go down in Jerry-Springer-trainwreck-about-to-happen fashion.


This is one of those threads you shouldn't laugh at, but how can you help it LOL! That photochop is a trip.

I don't care what you guys say, I like Tito, I hope he kicks ass tonight.

That jacket and T-shirt combination is...not good.

I feel like I'm having a Miami-Vice flashback