Don't forget about Mazagattis horrible call...

 The Shogun decision made me sick to my stomach, but please don't forget about Mazagattis fucked up decision this evening.  Rothwell was getting his ass handed to him, BUT.  He had a hand on the mat so he wouldn't get kneed in the face, and he was standing up. 

Time for Maz to take a trip back to the minor leagues. 

LOL I felt bad for Rothwell. Christ, Maz let him get his face beat in the 1st round, and then stops it after a few arm punches while he's standing up?

How about some consistency?

Lots of things are being lost in all of this. The fact that it was a good fight being one of them.

 twas gay maz stops it the second he gets to his feet. it was actually the opposite of a ko

Rothwell was just taking those blows and working through them. I think this further highlights Cain's lack of finishing power, look at all the hits Congo took and Cain still couldn't finish, same for Rothwell IMO. Granted he probably would have got the decision but let's see it go there. Disappointing

Yes, Cain doesnt seem to have enough pop in those punches to finish fast enough.

Yes, Cain was gonna win anyhow.

But dam, it shouldnt have been stopped when it was.

Dana has publicly said he thinks Maz is shitty ref.

Rosenthal should never ref again as well.

 was maz told to warn big ben.. cuz he went over to ben right before the round started rather than when everyone else is in there.... i suspect it was the CSAC... most crooked athletic commission around. but cain was gonna win eventually.. just let it play out..

 I didn't have a problem with his choice to stop the fight, he took 6 shots to the face without raising his had to block,  and with the damage he already took it wasn't going to get better for him.  Rothwell is tough as nails but you got to look out for the fighters well being.  He'll be back, hopefully against nelson next time.

MMA seems to offer a high probability for controversial call. Or maybe there is no way of avoiding them. Whatever, this time Maz f'd up

I bet Anthony Johnson was happy to see Mazz reffing his fight again.