Don't forget!!! Mar. 15th

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RIP Hart.


i thought this would be a reminder for Steak and Blow Job Day!

Doug your fighting for the lighheavy weight belt?

and im fighting in a lightheavyweight spot?

Why are we dieting!?

^^^^its about time you guys fought in one of the real weight classes? is that seriously the date of the greatest holiday ever? and its st. patricks day weekend too holy shit. goes and finds drinking shoes

Sorry i don't have man boobs and cant fight at 205



oh snap!... the ol' Yankees trick

i saw last night on the news that jeter is the worst short stop from 2002-2005 as far as balls hit to him and plays made.

however.. he is the best at balls hit off his chin.

that's probably one of the best pictures ever!


too bad the yankee girl is hotter

man you new york fans always have to shit on our parade dont you

Damn son yankees win

its killing me to post this but i can t find one good redsox pic besides that first one


sorry i just couldnt resist