Dont Forget WEC WrekCage 06/06

WEC WrekCage new episode tonight on Versus @ 9edt

Network to Televise Fights Starting in Summer 2007
The World Extreme Cagefighting brand is recognized as one of the best mixed martial arts organizations in the United States in its category and is owned by the premier organization in the sport. Founded in 2001, the WEC features many of the most prominent athletes in the sport of mixed martial arts today, including Urijah Faber, Rob McCullough, Alex Karalexis, Richard Crunkilton, and John Alessio. The WEC organization has produced 24 professional mixed martial arts events with an impressive 22 total sell-outs.

It was on last night also

damn Versus costs extra on Cox Cable

djones, that was a repeat of episode 1, that will be replayed again tonight followed by a new episode.

Shameless plug:

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these commercials have been great.


Thanks, I did the commercials myself!

Ok... that was a lie. :(


Does NOT cost extra on DirecTV!!!!!!