Dont go to

they have spoilers up

Yeah I know. I didn't think that it would be those two in the end.

it's gabe vs OMA

where at?

they took off the real spoiler, now they just spoil what the matches are for tomorrow.

Thanks for the heads-up. What the hell were they thinking? Maybe they wanted to pre-emptively spoil their own show before Sherdog did it again.

I knew already so don't care and if people are that willing to look into the show to actually go to the site they already know the spoilers lol

^^ damnit, no one asked for the actual spoiler. Well since the cats out of the bag... it turns out Nate gets injured after a vicious judo throw by Karo. Jens Pulver goes to his secret weapon, Wayne Weems. Weems comes in and wins via vicious powerbomb as his opponent totally undermines his excellent wrestling skills.

Uh oh. Leaking spoilers??? UFC might pull their credentials.