Dont hate on Cyborg 'cause ....

... she may or may not have popped PEDs like they were skittles.

Hate on her 'cause she beat up on my future wife Gina.

Also ... Gina if you're reading this ... Please please consider me for mating.

I cant believe it ... but my wife says shes pumped up to go see Haywire with me, how freakin cool is that?!?!

captain_underwear - if she had beaten her fair so be it

But, thats a fight that should be turned into a NC, invalidated.

I will never watch her fight again, she isn't getting my $$$$

Understand Zuffa?

Sure you will get serious. What about leben, thiago silva, chael I mean be mad but you will probably watch her comeback fight. Phone Post

Its cheating ... she should be punished, and then move on with life.

Dozens of pro fighters from the UFC have tested positive.

P.S. I love you Gina