Don't hate the player, hate the game!!

"I do understand the frustration of fans RE: GSP's point fighting. I find it hard to kill the guy for though as the object is to win the fight AND the guy does the PPV buys ANYWAY.

We correctly do give props to finishers and this is just, but GSP did not make the rules he just exploits them to his own benefit. This not illogical as he is the best in the history of the game at using the jab, combos and leg kicks to TD's and control with GNP.

Hell I'd love UFC 1 rules in the cage today because it's very close to 'real fighting'! Sign me TF up; however, as an example one of my favorite fights ever was Royce X The Beast, how many fans TODAY are willing to sit through a stalemate for 20+ minutes?

It is what it is, I say stop killing the guy for just clearly winning, finish or no.

Quiet possibly the most annoying saying in the entire English language, just edging out "Get 'Er done" Phone Post

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The criticism lobbed against GSP for having 7 decisions in his last 10 fights is completely fair. He deserves respect, but that doesn't mean people have to like him. Phone Post

No doubt! I just said "stop killing the guy

for just clearly winning, finish or no."

Now where TF are those GIF's you promised me in the other thread for being correct about Hunto X JDS?

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In boxing, no one liked John Ruiz either. Nobody appreciates a guy that tries to game the system and play to the letter as opposed to the spirit of the law. Sure, the rules might allow for it due to a loophole, but it should be clear to anyone that wasn't what was intended.

It's fine to run the spazz, or to control the ring and the range. But at some point it's still a fight, and people expect you to get off your bike. That being said, I really appreciate a fighter who shows good ring generalship and demonstrates the artistry of fighting. I'm NOT a fan of fighters who just wade in winging punches. But if you want to call yourself a "fighter" you have to be willing to fight.

What i don't get is that people critize GSP for being a point fighter, but he comes always to fight. He is not running away, he is not LnPing, he always attacks and passes. His opponents are tough and he is not the biggest powerpuncher,  and decisions =/= boring