"Don't Leave it in the Hands of the Judges!"

Sick of hearing Dana spout this shit. His answer for shitty judging is for guys to just slug it out? It's typical of his snake-oil salesman/promoter attitude.


The fighters are in there to fight (regardless of quality/ability) and the judges are there to score the rounds correctly. Simple.


By consistently reiterating this nonsense he's putting the focus/blame on the fighters and taking the spotlight off the real culprits; using it as a lazy excuse to get fighters to stand and slug on every card.


And I don't buy the argument that this situation is out of the UFC's control. They are the biggest fight promotion in the world - and a huge financial asset to the commision(s) - they have a huge influence over the whole of MMA.


Why is a guy who's critical of pretty much everyone in the world of combat sports so scared to call the commission on their bullshit? It's not like they control how long a fighter gets banned for following a positive PED test or anything...


Oh wait.