I wanted to make a thread based off of somebody else's comment in another thread.

Red namer JASON MMA (probably got that wrong) responds to why Anderson is so excited to fight Weidman:

"Because he didn't want to fight him because he thought the payday would suck, but Zuffa prob gave him a big pay day, and now he gets a joke of an easy fight for a big pay day"

I don't know how people think a mid tier fighter like Weidman is going to beat Silva. I personally dislike Silva, I would like to see him exposed but this is just another pointlessly hyped up fight that is tailor made for Silva to look good against weaker competition. Straight up. It's time to feed this guy to the wolves (Gustafson, Mousasi, Jones, Texeira, Machida etc.) Phone Post

Weidman is anything but "mid-tier". That being said... RIP Weidman. Phone Post

It's just "Jason." And I think he was trying to explain what Silva was thinking rather than his own opinion.

Weidman may match up well with Silva, maybe. Otherwise RIP.

Those are wolves alright, but Anderson is a lion. I would love to see Jones vs. Anderson, the rest will certainly all fall before Anderson.

i think that anderson will win this fight...
however, chris, with his skillset, is the only "credible" opponent left for silva in the MW div, that is not booked for another fight (rockhold, belfort). to say the truth, i don't think that he can be beaten by a striker, given he's above all others in that area... only a good wrestler, with GnP and submissions in his arsenal could give him problems. and even then my money would be on silva.
as for the superfights, GSP and Jones will not be available until later this year, and silva has to stay active and defend his belt.
i prefer anderson, but a win for weidman could shake this division, and it needs it IMO.

look at the betting odds... there are only 2 other potential opponents (jones and GSP) who would open up closer than weidman.

Weidman is the most competitive fight at 185 for Anderson.

What is the line on this fight right now?


The reason no one thinks Anderson can be beaten is because he's never been beaten in the UFC.  He's had a ton of fights too.


Law of averages and age and all that shit says it will happen eventually.  


Just remember that if Weidman does beat Anderson, it doesn't mean he showed a hole in The Spider's game and no longer awesome, because what AS has done will always be awesome.


It will mean Weidman is awesome too, but was the man at the right place at the right time.

Weidman mid tier?  Come on son.. OP has sailboat fuel for brains.

He's absolutely right that this is a hyped up fight.
There are many legitimate posters who believe Weidman is a good fight for Silva. But many more were paid posters, Hyping up another BS fight.
Weidman has almost 0 chance to win.
Last 4 will be:


Before that Vitor, a VERY important win, and realistically who he should be fighting again right now at 185.

Before that we're back to easy competition for him.

Absolutely right the Zuffa proclaimed GOAT should be fighting the GOOD 205'rs.
If not, he's GOAT middleweight.
Fedor is still absolute GOAT.

Sonnen is HIGHLY over rated btw. He was also gifted that decision, over Bisping. The fact he took Silva deep the first time around was more a testament to Sylva's exposure than Sonnens greatness.
He's a goof, and sloppy. Phone Post

Captain Kick Ass - Never heard of this guy Weidman

Why on gods green earth would Silva agree to fight some unknown dude.

Would rather he fight Cung Le

How's it going Ed?

Ask GSP what he he thinks.... He's layin the cash on it 


News Flash: UGer calls a fighter "mid-tier"

                        GSP: calls same named fighter the guy who is going to "finish Silva quickly"


Ask GSP what he he thinks.... He's layin the cash on it 


News Flash: UGer calls a fighter "mid-tier"

                        GSP: calls same named fighter the guy who is going to "finish Silva quickly"

Cause GSP wants silva to lose so he won't be forced to fight a guy twice his size that will beat or submit that ass. Phone Post

No way wiedman is mid tier. Hes as top shelf as they come at MW right now. Really what people are worried about is that wrasslin that wideman has. But im sure anderson has learned alot from the the two chael fights and will be able to kick wiedmans ass with a matrix ko.