Don't make fun...just bought a

I know this won;t be a popular gun on here, but just picked up a Kel-tec P-3AT .380.  Am taking it to the range tomorrow, but I love the size of the thing. I can put it in my pocket and literally forget it is dad has the P-32 and has had really good luck with it.

It's not the worst thing in the world.


lol-yeah...I just took it to the range and it actually performed pretty well. No jams or problems, didn't put that many rounds through it but it was relatively accurate. I know they had some production issues with them in the early runs last year when the gun first came out, but check out a new one if you get the chance.

Actually didn;t bother was about 10 pounds pull. Definately not a "range gun" (I will take it to the range, but it is not a target is a pocket gun) but in a stressed situation I don't think I would even notice.

I own a Bersa .380. But I got a good price on it. I carry a 1911, but the Bersa was a nice little gun.

I was reading an article on the .32 as a carry gun for small or elderly. Low recoil, a couple rounds in the body would do some damage.

I like my .40 and .45.