Don't make me "cobra strangle" your ass!!! lol

The story was not as biased as I thought it would be. I think I did ok but Aryan stole the show again. Anyway let me know what you think guys... Thanks in advance!

P.S. If I came off as too much of a cheesedick, don't tell me lol...

Also, I never said I was a champion fighter she put that in there lol..

The cobra strangle is good, but my favorite move is the ground pound.

They nearly pronounced Lesnar's name right. Beats the newscaster I saw who kept calling him "Le Snar" like he was French or something.

Dude, you named your daughter Aryan? WTF? Does she spend the summers touring assorted redneck festivals with Prussian Blue or some shit?


In the name dictionary it means "most holy" but I thought it was pretty and I don't care who likes it and who don't. She's my babygirl and she is very confident in herself so judgemental people won't get to her, thank God.

lol at cobra strangle and Larsner!


My gf is a black belt in the art of cobra strangling.

 ^^ I can vouch for that.

BRINGTHAPAIN - My gf is a black belt in the art of cobra strangling.


Aryan ?? oh man..

I never mentioned the cobra strangle or that I was a "championship fighter" Dad... lol

 I have to strangle my cobra several times a day.



true dat yo! ^^^

Wow, a guy who named his kid Aryan doesn't like rap, who could have guessed?

guy above don't judge people if you don't know them I think a famous profit said that ohh yeah Tupac said that.