Don't misconstrue LnP with..

ground and pound.. It takes alot of work to become proficient enough to take a trained MMA fighter to the ground and control them there.. And then when you're on the ground, throwing punches and elbows, you're consistently giving opportunities for armbars, triangles, sweeps and so forth. It takes great base, posture and submission defense to continously go through it..

The amount of ignorance on this subject is astonishing. To call Manny a blanket is a lie. The guy is a machine.. He's devoted his life to judo so he can take people down and control them, his ground control is amazing and his attack is relentless.

How about training for a while and see for yourself what these beasts in the gym are like with insane top control and attacks.. If you don't like being on your back, work on your ground game and get back up on your feet. Oh what's that? You can't? Exactly.

Everyone has their own ways for winning in MMA. For people like Manny & Karo, it's tossing people and taking people down - while smashing them off their back.. For Crocop it's kicking people in the face.. For Aoki it's submitting people at every opportunity.

What I'm saying is, there are many ways to win a fight - and just because someone goes with what works best for them, they shouldn't be attacked for that - especially when someone like Manny is very offensive on top position opposed to ACTUALLY laying and praying.

Laying & Praying = Hands tucked in tight, head in centre of chest.. rarely being offensive.

Ground & Pound = Great posture, constantly throwing punches and elbows and attempting submissions where needed.

There is the difference. Take note.

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