Don't Put Metal in the Microwave

One time me and a friend were having a fire at her sisters place. She bought a case of Twisted Teas and one of them was only half full, and had a tiny hole in it.

Without thinking, she threw it in the fire.

About 10 minutes later the thing exploded and there was about a 50ft radius of red hot coals and burning firewood around the fire. Can’t believe none of us got hit with anything.


butchers and meat cutters almost all use a service that just drops off sharp knives once every week or two and picks up the old ones. it’s akin to a linen service where you’re never going to get the same towels twice.

in that regard it’s true, they generally use very generic cutlery designed not to hold an edge [particularly well] or be all that pleasant to use but rather to sustain being quite frequently sharpened/honed/re-ground


As a general rule, don’t mix bleach with anything.

As a specific rule, don’t mix bleach with ammonia, or cross-contaminate with ammonia products. ex. bleach + windex, or bleach after generic floor cleaner.


I almost passed out just thinking about breathing in one of those mixtures.

I must admit I used this technique to fix my railing going up the stairs. It was loose at the bottom. I would estimate I fixed it using cotton and super glue around a month ago and it is holding tight. I have a propensity to lift myself in the air using both railings like a child and I’ve not had an issue since I repaired it.

People die from this shit. A restaurant cleaner did near me last year.

And never go againthst a Thithilian when Death is on the line.

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guilty on all counts GIF by Oxygen

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People have clean shops with out piles of saw dust?

Have the police spoken to those individuals about any unsolved serial murders or animal rapings?

What the hell kind of sociopath would do a thing like sweeping the floor if there’s not knee deep piles of shit?

I don’t know what I would do with such a thing.

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Lol, one of my work cabinets regularly fills up with so much fucking saw dust it’s comical. If I didn’t vacuum it out at least once a week you’d open the door and it would come flowing out like a kool aid commercial.

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Years ago I was visiting my buddy at the beach. He was a bartender and had to wash his work whites, but the house water was rusty so we had to hit up a laundromat.
As I’m impatiently waiting I watch him pour in a shit ton of bleach, and then a big old splash of CLR lime away cleaner. As soon as he poured it in, you could see smoky vapors like heat vapors over a BBQ just tumbling out of the washer.
He looks at me, Oh Shit, slams the lid and hits Start.
We vamoose up the block and across the street to eat some steak and cheese and wait for shit to just blow up.
Good start to my story, but no satisfying end. We snuck back in and looked for passed out single moms, but nope, just clean whites.

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When I was a teenager, I decided to make a super cleaner by mixing bleach and ammonia. Fortunately I was outside at the time…

A guy I worked in a lab with had his landlord nearly die because she cleaned the floors with ammonia and went back weeks later and cleaned again with a bleach cleaner. She lived but got pretty sick.