Don't say BJM should have reffed

It would have been the same thing. He reffed Chuck vs Babalu and it was pretty much the same thing. He might have even stopped it in the 1st.

The UFC refs don't hesitate to stop fights these days...if you are on the ground, getting punched on...and just laying there blocking the punches with your arms they will end the fight. We've seen it a lot.

I'm not sure why they are so obsessed with ending the fights as quickly as possible. In the end the fans just feel ripped off. They're saving the fighters from taking a more severe beating but the fighters don't mind. They would rather have a chance at doubling their pay. And nobody has really been seriously injured after all the brutal finishes we have seen over the years.

Honestly, the stoppage wasn't thaaaat bad tonight. Its just that the fans pay money to see these fights...they deserve more climatic finishes.

PR I believe, most people can't tell a difference when they watch fighters
in similar fashion whethere punches are actually landing or not.

They need to make it look clean