Don't see what the big deal is about EddievRoyler

If Eddie should be training for a fight, OBVIOUSLY it should be against 27 time Mundial Champion Renato Laranja. Somebody plz post that video of Renato making Eddie his bitch. Hey no disrespect to Eddie, he's an awesome dude. I respect him, learned techniques of his and have listened to lots of EBR. But the rematch everyone wants to see is LARANJA V BRAVO.
Im not saying Eddie is ducking Renato, but it sure looks that way. Phone Post 3.0

Royler is ducking Renato by fighting Eddie. Don't get it twisted homie.

Renato is such a legend there are people pretending to be him even on prime time broadcast TV! See last weeks modern family ep Phone Post 3.0

Why challenge a god? Renato is god status, legends are nothing to him.