Don't starve

I've been having a lot of fun with this little wilderness survival/horror game. Tim burtonesque graphics. Complex ecosystems that all interact. Monsters in the dark. That sort of thing. Still can't survive winter. It's really good.

What is the problem you're having in winter?

I had a lot of fun with this game for about a week and a half. It gets pretty repetitive once you unlock all of the characters. I didn't really have many problems surviving, though I did mostly play as easymode Strong Man.

Catch a bunch of rabbits during summer, put them in chests without murdering them. Save them for winter, murder them, make meatballs in crock pot with berries. You should have a farm of berries, grass, twigs, and trees near your settlement. Try to settle near rabbit holes and beefalo if possible so you have sources of meat and poop. If you can also be near flowers, a few bee boxes is another good source of food. Honey in an ice box lasts a pretty long time, and you can gather a lot of it fast with just a few bee boxes. During winter, make sure your heat stone is in your general inventory, not a backpack or Chester, or it won't actually warm you.

Lol, I get careless and run out of food. Then I die trying to get it. Or trying to mess with spiders

I spent most of my winter chillin in my base. I'd dig up 30-40 berry bushes, plant them by my base. Spent the entire catching rabbits while I feed myself on perishable food during the summer. By winter, I have between 3-5 chests FULL of rabbits. Then the only thing you need to watch out for is a Deerclops in winter.

Once you survive the first winter, the second summer is EASY. You already have your base set up, so you can spent the entire summer exploring and battling. Just make sure you have at least 20ish rabbits and your source of berries when next winter comes. Make sure you are always bound to a touchstone or have an amulet or effigy.

Basically, your first summer is to build a crude base with the basics (field of grass, field of twigs, field of berries, bunch of trees, ice box, lots of chests, a couple crock pots and drying racks, ice box, science and alchemy machines...) and stocking up on rabbits for winter. Don't waste a lot of time exploring, just find the resources you NEED for that first year and transplant them into your base.

Try that and you will destroy winter, and after the first, the next should be very easy. That is when the game can become repetitive. If you collect all of the "things" (crank thing, box thing, ring thing, and metal egg thing) and take them to the wooden thing (a place on the map) you will "beat" that level and be transported to a new one, with your current inventory. I only did that a few times, it's a pain in the ass to rebuild a base.

Also, combat seems hard at first, but you just need to kite things. Everything has slow attack animations, so as they start to swing, you move out of range, then move back in and strike once or twice. Once you get the hang of it, you can take most anything pretty easily. You can also run from most things, and a lot of them can be trained into beefalo or pigmen to help you kill them.

Is it worth the $15?


LeftBench - Is it worth the $15?

Yes its fucking addicting and great fun. Phone Post

Odd game. Not sure if I like or not, but leaning toward giving up.

I gotta check this out. Phone Post 3.0

Wow I suck at this game...

Died over a dozen times and only made it past day ten twice Most recent deaths:

Forgot to put on fire before dark
Eaten by wolves (several times)
Accidently attacked Beefalo

Last game I made it to winter, with a sweet basecamp...then aggroed a walking tree, which soaked up 20 Fire Staff hits and implacably stalked me across the map for two days. Half expected it to say "I am Everyman. I am legion..."

You run faster on roads. Phone Post

Made it to day 33, with plenty of food and poop.

Went off to other side of map to gather some crap and got killed by wolves. Respawned twice only to die almost immediately from cold both times....

Build stone fire places near all touch stones. Drop and axe, wood, etc . Prepare. Phone Post

The walking trees (Treeguards) are very easy to kill. They have a very slow melee swing that you can dodge and then poke in and kill them. You can also dodge the melee of wolves and hit them.

The later into the game you get, the larger obstacles the game will throw at you. Spider nests will start spawning two different kinds of spiders, one of which jumps at you. Then they will eventually spawn spider queens.

If you capture rabbits and save them all summer, winter won't be tough. Just don't venture far from home during winter and pray you don't see a Deerclops. Honestly, I expect that storing live rabbits to be nerfed in a future patch, it really takes the challenge out of having enough food in the winter without it spoiling.

Food is one of the main challenges, surviving against enemies is the other big one. Aside from getting comfortable with dancing in and out of melee range to avoid being hit (IMPORTANT to do!) it's important to make sure you have a decent weapon available at all times (Spear or better) as well as log armor and a helmet, if you can. It took me awhile to accept that I needed to wear log armor instead of a backpack, but I found I was better off finding Chester and just living without the extra slots from the backpack. The extra armor gained makes a massive difference in the amount of damage you take.

Your character choice also plays a role in surviving, most notably Wolfgang being easy mode in combat. I'd recommend playing him until you get the hang of combat as his combination of double damage and increased health gives you an obvious handicap in combat.

Think long and hard before you take a risk, especially once you have invested a fair amount of time on a save. The safer you play, the longer you will last. At a certain "skill" level, staying alive indefinitely becomes easy.

If anyone has any really specific questions that I am not answering that would help you, feel free to let me know.

Ttt, sounds fun. Phone Post

Got up to second Autumn and decided to attack a tentacle I found.