Don't underestimate Belfort.......

IN an MMA match, Randy's boxing and takedowns defeat any striker because of the threat of a clinch/takedown.

Vitor will find that out (again) as will those picking him.

"Serious question, not being sarcastic, but who has Vitor subbed on the ground, and how?"

Belfort defeated Joe Charles with an armbar at UFC Japan: Ultimate Japan 1. He also defeated Bobby Southworth with a rear naked choke at Pride 13: Collision Course.


Vitor has so much potential and can be dangerous anywhere. Although, we can argue that Vitor may not punch as hard as Rizzo nor Liddle, when he connects and get a good flurries going, anyone can get cut and cut bad and that could be enough to stop the fight. We have seen him with GNP style and that works for him well when he get someone stun because of the amount of punches he can deliver in a short peiod of time.

The biggest thing I have issue with is people talking about the Chuck and Tito fights as if they are going to have anything to do with this fight.

Neither Tito nor Chuck fight the same way Vitor does, and styles decide fights.

Vitor has better striking than Tito and a better ground game than both Tito and Chuck.

Vitor's style of striking is also very different from Chuck's. He doesn't throw the looping punches.

Vitor's hip movement and skills from his back are 100% more refined than anything Tito has in his aresenal.

The path that Randy took to victory with Chuck was to confound him standing with his jabs, and then tool on him in the ground. I don't think this is the best tactic to take with Vitor at this time, because if Randy tries to stand with him for too long, he is going to get busted open.

The path Randy took to beat Tito was also one that won't work with Vitor. Randy won the battle of the takedowns against Tito and then owned him on the ground.

Both Tito and Chuck had specific strengths which Randy neutralized. Once he did this, they really had nothing.

Vitor is a more dynamic fighter than both Chuck and Tito- therefore Randy is going to have to neutralize more than just one thing. This is going to be his toughest fight at LHW yet, without a doubt.


You can never count Randy out-I'm a big fan of both guys-but Randy always comes in with a great fight strategy.

Hopefully Vitor shows up with a gameplan he can stick to

vitor is gonna need more than jesus in his pants to beat randy.

randy is smarter than vitor.

"This is going to be his toughest fight at LHW yet, without a doubt."

My prediction -- Randy by second round TKO. Maybe a 2% chance, if that, of Vitor winning by big flurry in the first.

i liked vitor til he started fighting like a fag, he's getting a little betetr again though... but as i have said many a time, his strategy to win this fight needs to be a leap across the octagon from like 10 feet and shoot a dub and a half

I think both fighters have an equal chance of winning this one. WHoever brings their A game is going to take it.

Belfort may not automatically have Coutoure beat on the feet. However, just as silly to assume that Randy has Vitor beat on the ground.

DO they let you parlay fights in vegas? I may take Vitor and Penn for a huge upset parlay win.