Don't Weep for Pete Spratt

That man has some mad rap skills.

He's gonna take the rap world by storm and has an album coming out soon.

He's actually got some samples of his stuff up on

You know what's funny...

When I feel neutral about 2 fighters about to go at it, whether it's MMA or boxing, I tend to root for the person who I feel needs the win the most financially.

Whoa...His shit ain't that bad...huh...Future MTV video to be expected...

I don't weep for him because the guy know what his holes are in the fight game and does abslutely nothing to correct them. He's crying over his loss yet I seem to remember his team loafing around while Mojo was busting their asses. I think his ego is his biggest enemy.

He has trained ground, but if I told you with who this place would go nuts on both of them.

I know he has trained with Chris Brennan in the past as well as team Punishment but it hasn't quite sunk in. obviously.

he was at Guy Mezger's