Doo Ho Choi To UFC A Done Deal?

Cor MMA ‏@CorMMA 1h

@MMASun Hearing from several sources Doo Ho Choi to the UFC is a done deal. Official announcement from the UFC will be coming soon.

Tell me more of him Phone Post

Nice! Always good to see them signing more lighter guys. Are there any upcoming events overseas?

About fucking time!!!

Superboy is exciting as fuck!

Who this Ho? Phone Post 3.0

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Tell me more of him Phone Post


5'9  145 pounds

Considered one of the best FW prospects in the sport.

Choi vs Ishida

Super legit prospect. 22 years old, 11-1 record with 9 straight wins including a win over Ishida.

Good finisher too, 8 fights finished by KO/TKO plus an armbar.

What a great news if this will happen! Great prospect, cant wait to see him fight in the big show!