Ok i have another thread on here going but I dont think everyone is looking at it so here it goes...

I got a 9800 pro today.. long story...

But after tryin a 9200 I went back and got the 9800 cause everyone said they have no probs playin doom with it and farcry.. So i exhanged it and installed the 9800..

Uninstalled drivers before installing new card and got everything set but doom3 still plays slow..even on low setting...

But now when I go to start new game it'll load but ten boot me back to my deskto cause doom3 quit..If I load from my old saved game it'll play but even with all the advanced video settings turned off it's slow and when a bunch of stuff started going on it quit again..

WHATS THE DEAL?? Is it my comp?? I have a 2.0 pentium 4 512 ddr 19 inch envision lcd, ati radeon 9800 pro..

ANY HELP would be useful for im aggravated that I spent all this money and cant play the fricken game..

dude post this on and they wil tell ya what 2 do.

good luck


ttt for anyone else who may be able to offer help

click 'start'

go to 'run'

type 'dxdiag' and press enter

go to the 'sound' tab

move the scroll bar from 'full acceleration' to 'basic acceleration'

click 'exit'

Try Doom 3 again. I wont guarantee this will work but another forum member used this who has the same specs as you and it helped.

ok ill try that thanks